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My name is Dan Ramsden and welcome to Flite Coaching. I have over 20 years experience training as an athlete and over the last 14 years as a coach helping thousands of people achieve their body composition, health and fitness goals, ranging from obese to pro athletes. 

The fitness industry is a very saturated market at the moment so what is different about Flite?

I have observed over the years that many PT’s and coaches get great temporary results with clients. Then, when the course is completed, their clients aren’t able to maintain their results.

At Flite Coaching we’re different. We not only elevate you to reach your goals but give you the knowledge to continue flying high!

My philosophy of success follows 5 main principles and has evolved over time to form Flite Coaching’s Flite Plan:

1.  Restore health and focus on building knowledge and confidence with nutrition.
2. Lose body fat & get as lean as possible.
3. Add strength and lean muscle mass.
4. Find a sustainable lifestyle which is structured, flexible and enjoyable.
5. Improve skills, mobility and become more atlethic.

These core principles combined with the education of our body’s metaboilsm allows all Flite Trainees to acheive and maintain life-changing results.

I am also very passionate and encouraging about increasing performance to a level that can unlock new destinations like competing in endurance events, competing in sport or Crossfit events.

Once you unlock a different mindset and achieve great results, this sets you on a never ending path of achievements which spill into other areas of life.

This is more than just training and looking good.

Flite is about reaching your full potential in all facets of life.

When you joing Flite Coaching ‘the Sky’s the limit!’

Group Training

At Planet Fitness Bradford

Check out our new group training facility available at Planet Fitness Bradford. Myself and Sarah will be running sessions all week. Click here to check out the new timetable for 2023.

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Flite Coaching Dan
Dan Ramsden - Flite Coaching

Real Work. Real Results.

Pricing Plans

Whether you are a complete beginner to an advanced athlete. We have the perfect programme for you.

Most Popular


Welcome to the Cabin




Perfect for the beginner looking to increase their confidence and overall health.

Exclusive Access To The Flite Community

How To Videos On Exercise & Nutrition

Daily Workouts (WODs)

Workout Ideas & Updates

Weekly Group Stretch & Mobility Classes With Replays

Most Popular


Minimal Drag – Maximum Thrust


Choose this if you are looking for the most effective way to lose fat and keep it off.

3 Months of Access to Flite School

1 x 30 Minute Strategy and Progress Check Ins

Understanding macronutrients

Muscle building program

Supplement guide

Changing relationship with food & drink

Lifestyle maintenance

Professional Nutritional Guide and Menu Updated Monthly

Most Popular





Perfect for People Looking to be More Functional and Conquer Whatever Life Throws at You.

3 Months of Access to Flite School

1 x 1 Hour PT Session Per Week

Bespoke Training Programme

Learn the Fundamentals of Strength, Hypertrophy, Endurance and Olympic Lifting

Professional Nutritional Guide and Menu Updated Monthly

Understand and Implements the Principles of Stretching and Mobility

Mindset – Build the Right Daily Habits and Triumph Over Adversity

Celebrating Success

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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Join our community and build your confidence and fitness


Lose body fat fast and keep it off!


Build a more functional physique - improve your physique and become stronger.

Flite Coaching

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Popular Programmes

Here are our most popular programmes. Explore each one based off your goal and what your starting point is.

Flite School is he perfec place for beginners or those that haven’t been training for a while.

Streamline is for those people looking to get straight into the educdation and phyiscial resuls of effective and sustained fat loss. 

Ascension is for the more advanced trainer who is looking to take their results to new heights!

Flite School - Flite Coaching

Flite School 

Join a supportive community of like minded individuals soaring to a destination of a fitter, more healthy and confident version of themselves.

Flite Coaching - Streamline


Minimal Drag – Maximum Thrust.

The Fat loss programme that takes the fat off and keeps it off!

Flite Coaching - Ascension


Take your results to new heights. Become more fucntional physically and develop the mindset to conquer whatever life throws your way. 

what Our Clients Say

Client Testimonial

Although I had worked out for many years using the gym and some running in the summer months, at 59 years of age, I realised that my mobility and flexibility were slowly becoming an issue, along with continual stiffness in the lumber region and my initial consultation with Dan was to help me try to improve this area, before time made it an irreversible process.

After assessing and diagnosing what my body required, he constructed a programme tailored to meet my personal requirements, which I could do in the gym or at home, combined with an hourly weekly session to supplement and monitor my progress through exercise and massage treatment.

In less than 6 weeks I had found a huge improvement in both flexibility of movement and the complete removal of back aches and pains.

During this period and as an aside to the initial request, I asked if he could help someone of my age to lose the unwanted pounds predominantly around my waist. At 12stone 10lbs I wasn’t massively overweight but had never been able to lose the belly fat and keep it off and had no intentions of doing fancy diets and being miserable for short term gains.

Flite Coaching Transformation

Dan introduced me to a different way of eating that suited my lifestyle, that meant although I was reducing the calories, in combination with exercise, I was able to target specifically that unwanted belly fat. I was amazed to find that in 8 weeks I had lost over 16lbs in weight, but more impressively only the targeted area. Though never the intention and I never thought possible; I actually had visible abs and a physique that you only see in magazines.

My experience and results with Dan, has by far exceeded my expectations and my only regret is that I hadn’t done it earlier. His knowledge and expertise of physiology and mental wellbeing provides the correct plan (through exercise and diet) to suit your specific needs, in a way that is professional and friendly without ridiculous targets and pressure and yet gives you the results you wanted.

From someone who has used gyms for many years, one extra bonus that has come from my time with him, is my new-foundenthusiasm and enjoyment for exercise and how best to look after my body and mind.

Dan has no magic wand, but if you follow and execute the programme and information provided, he can and will deliver on your targets and expectations.

Howard Foster


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